H&D Badminton Championships

The Hamilton & District Badminton Championships (H&DBC) is a historic sporting event for our area. It represents a sporting tradition that is unique for a variety of reasons including:

  • Since 1930, thousands of people (youth, adults and seniors) have played in our Championships
  • The H&DBC is the second oldest badminton Championships in the Province of Ontario.
  • The H&DBC is a historic Championship that invites all skill levels, beginners to tournament level players.
  • High School students can either participate representing themselves or part of their school team. The H&DBA awards a local High School the High School Participation Trophy for the school that collects the most points.
  • The H&DBC is a four level event. Therefore, each player/team has a reasonable chance to win their division.
  • Every participant is seeded carefully to give them a better chance of being in the division that best reflects their skill level.
Some Other Great Reasons to Play at the Hamilton & District Badminton Championships

For the elite players – it provides the opportunity to show your great skills at the local level and be recognized at the local area with historic trophies. Note that our trophies are on display in a permanent trophy case at McMaster University for public viewing.

For the B, C, & D level participants, you will have fun because you will feel competitive. You will have a reasonable chance to win your division. That is what a four level draw does.

You also add to our rich badminton history and you will be supporting your sport and maybe walking away with some bragging rights.

2012 H&D Badminton Championships
2012 H&D Badminton Masters Championships
2011 H&D Badminton Championships
2011 H&D Badminton Masters Championships
2010 H&D Badminton Championships
2010 H&D Badminton Masters Championships

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