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A President’s Thanks

It takes a lot of unselfish and hard working volunteers to operate Canada’s largest community badminton Championships. And this website letter seeks to acknowledge, and give thanks, to the people that were instrumental in the very successful 81st running of the Hamilton & District Badminton Championships.

I want to initially focus on two people – Debbie Arbour and Shelley Payne. One of the key aspects is the organizing of the players that enter. This is a very time consuming part, especially the last three weeks before the tournament begins. In Debbie and Shelley’s case this year, I know it was particularly difficult due to personal events that made their responsibilities considerable more challenging. And they came through beautifully. I cannot thank them enough for their unbelievable efforts.

And in the same family, Laura , Sherri Lynn (super job with calling matches), Adam and Ashley Hayward were all working their best at the control desk.

Bill Mason, our Umpire and Referee, gave our Championships additional credibility along with another solid performance.

John Bourrie, our Treasurer that works so quietly behind the scenes, offers good and solid advice, performed several roles during our tournament (and makes very understandable financial reports) – is another important part of our success.

Ralston Kwan, our webmaster, is another important ‘cog in our wheel’. Ralston came on board in January to take over our website and was given very little time and had to start almost from scratch. Not only did he create a fantastic website, he assisted us at the Championships, particularly when we needed his help in the Burridge Gym.

As well, the remaining Hamilton & District Badminton Executive members (David Burrows, Jordon Hearn, & Dave Wilmshurst) assisted in many different roles throughout.

(David Burrows has been our longest serving volunteer, sponsor and Executive member for almost forty years!)

Our Championship Committee included Laura Takata, Sandy Corcoran, Cheng Chuang, Janis Kawamoto, and Chris Cook. A special thanks to Laura, along with Sandy who created a new system that keeps accurate track of the high school results.

I wish to also thank Zhiguang Qian for agreeing to be our official photographer.

There were other people whose contribution was valued and appreciated – they include:

Charlena & Alison Feierabend (outstanding work in the Burridge Gym); Joy (with registration, raffles, recording match results, etc); and Pat Cassano.

It really takes a team work to run a successful tournament. And we could not ask for a better group.


Fred Gundel
Hamilton & District Badminton Championships

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